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Cloud Services

“Cloud computing” is a model that takes a lot of what your computers and servers do (running programs, hosting programs, storing data, etc.), and moves it to a data center that performs these functions on cutting-edge servers. It enables you to connect to your software, processes, and data from anywhere for unprecedented workforce mobility and collaboration. Working on the cloud lowers costs because you are “renting” parts of powerful machines instead of buying and maintaining weaker ones. BrookStone helps businesses just like yours get these benefits and more by managing their migrations to the cloud.

First, we’ll give your business systems a thorough analysis to determine which parts would perform better in the cloud. Then, we’ll install and set up all the programs you need and explain how to use them; no expensive hardware or equipment purchases are required. From there, we will continue to monitor, manage, and update your new cloud systems to ensure they are working the way you want them to; you enjoy the benefits while we manage the day to day.

Unlimited IT Support

 Dreading the spike in costs when tech breaks down? Wish you had an honest, reliable support technician to resolve issues?

BrookStone will fix all of your IT issues, big or small, and it’s all covered by one flat fee

With a standard break/fix contract, an IT support company waits for you to call with a problem, then you wait for them to show up. Since they are paid by the hour, they have no incentive to work swiftly or fix recurring problems because if it happens again, that’s more hours. Your problems don’t go away, and only the IT support contractor gets the benefits. But at BrookStone, we do things differently.

We offer unlimited IT support, so you can call us as many times as you need to and we’ll fix the issues as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if we fix one error or one hundred, you pay the same flat rate. Working slowly wastes our time as much as yours, so the faster we address your problems and prevent them from happening again, the more productive we all are. In this way, our success is tied to yours, and we can both grow together.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

 Would losing your files, documents, and other business data cripple or collapse your organization? Are you prepared for all the different disasters that can cause this loss?

BrookStone can set up an automated backup system so you are ready for anything

If some unforeseen catastrophe like a fire, flood, or even a burglary damages your workplace or equipment, insurance is available to pay for repairs, but what about your critical business data? Recovering data from damaged hard drives is expensive and not always possible. You can’t repair it, and replacing lost information simply isn’t an option. Without this data, your organization will grind to an expensive halt, or worse, forced out of business entirely. Fortunately, digital data is easily replicated and BrookStone puts systems in place to automate the replication and recovery processes, ensuring you get back to business quickly.

Our solutions automatically copy your important files and folders, and store them on secure drives, often off-site at a fortified data center. These backup solutions have minimal impact on your processes, so you won’t experience the slowdowns that are common to other backup programs. Should the worst occur, BrookStone’s powerful recovery tools will get your systems back to normal in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or weeks.

Managed Services

BrookStone will completely manage your technology (or assist existing IT personnel) for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

Working in an SMB environment often involves wearing a lot of hats and, since the budget often does not allow for a robust IT department, the “office IT person” is one of the more dreaded titles. Having you or another member of your staff relegated to dealing with complex and uncooperative technology is a serious drain on productivity, but the Managed Services model employed by BrookStone will solve that problem and save you money in the process.

With this service, BrookStone Managed Services becomes your outsourced IT department. We manage your technology (computers, servers, networks, etc.) so that it is always optimized, perform regularly scheduled maintenance and upgrades, monitor your systems for issues (slowdowns, outages, etc.), and provide detailed reports to keep you abreast of your IT’s performance. The result: faster processes, elimination of costly downtime, increased productivity, and many more benefits. You get it all for one predictable monthly fee that is far less than hiring even one IT employee. 


Can your organization survive a cyberattack? Are you defended against all of the various online threats to your systems?

BrookStone will employ a variety of defenses to protect your organization and give you peace of mind

It may seem like cybersecurity is an unnecessary expense. After all, surely a cybercriminal wouldn’t waste their time targeting an SMB or nonprofit in northwestern North Carolina, right? Unfortunately, cybercriminals rely on this exact thinking to extract money from their victims. Over 60 percent of all cyberattack victims are classified as SMBs because, due to underspending on security, these organizations are low-hanging fruit. BrookStone offers affordable solutions to prevent your business from becoming another statistic.

We install a wide range of cybersecurity tools onto your systems including advanced firewalls, antimalware programs, email filters, and more. BrookStone will then continue to monitor your network to ensure that cybercriminals and the software they use to harm businesses stay out. This proactive method will ensure you are protected from all kinds of online threats at all times.